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Connect to an existing Blockchain network using docker

This guide describes how to connect to an existing network using of Docker and Docker-Compose. Before starting make sure to have docker and docker-compose available on your machine.

Table of Contents#

Trubudget Docker Images#

Trubudget's docker images are published on docker-hub. It is recommended to use a specific version tag like v.1.20.0 instead of the main or latest tag.

:::hint Only use main or latest tag if a code change of these versions is needed. :::


A beta node is a Trubudget node which connects to an existing Trubudget network. To understand the connection process read the approval process documentation.

Environment Variables#

To establish a connection to an existing Trubudget network following conditions must be met:

  1. For a description of all Environment variables, see environment variables. This table gives an overview how to set the env vars correctly, so the beta node can connect to the alpha node. Empty entries mean that setting that env var has no effect.
Name of env varAlpha APIAlpha BlockchainBeta APIBeta Blockchain
EXTERNAL_IP_must not
set_public IP-address and Port of the alpha Blockchain (optional, not necessary if alpha and beta are in the same network)
P2P_HOST_must not
set_private IP-address of the alpha Blockchain
P2P_PORTset a portP2P_PORT of the alpha Blockchain

API_HOSTIP-address of alpha APIIP-address of the Beta API
API_PORTPORT of alpha APIPORT of the Beta API

PORTset a portset a portset a portset a port

MULTICHAIN_RPC_HOSTIP-address of alpha blockchainset a portset a portset a port
MULTICHAIN_RPC_PORTMULTICHAIN_RPC_PORT of alpha blockchainset a portMULTICHAIN_RPC_PORT of beta blockchainset a port
MULTICHAIN_RPC_PASSWORDsame password as in alpha blockchainset a passwordsame password as in beta blockchainset a password

ORGANIZATIONorganization name of alpha nodeorganization name of alpha node (same as in alpha API)organization name of beta nodeorganization name of beta node (same as in beta API)
ORGANIZATION_VAULT_SECRETorganization vault secret of your alpha nodeorganization vault secret (same as in alpha API)organization vault secret of your beta nodeorganization vault secret (same as in beta API)